What’s MICEmpg?

The Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico emerged in 2006. It’s an event to present audiovisual works related to ethnography and anthropology, scientific disciplines of the Museum that, after more of four decades of existence, it takes to bring to the present a fundamental part of our heritage. MICEmpg aims to generate a space for dialogue, reflection, and exchange around the confluence between social and cultural anthropology and film theory and practice.

The International Ethnographic Film Festival aims to go beyond the exotic, the primitive, or the traditional topics ​​to which the ethnographic often refer us. The ethnographic analysis is the way Anthropology practice the study of human cultures and societies and Visual Anthropology promotes the use of images for the description, analysis, communication, and interpretation of human behaviour. MICEmpg offers us a space to get closer to this bringing to the screen milestones of ethnographic cinema which are often milestones in cinema as well and recent and innovative works ranging from the classic bill to the most experimental and radical cinema. Although MICEmpg has a very specialized orientation, it covers various stylistic and thematic coordinates, so the festival’s attitude is inclusive in creating a shared social space for everyone around cinema and Social Sciences.

Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico has the support of Concello de Santiago de Compostela, AGADIC, Deputación da Coruña,  Xunta de Galicia and Xacobeo 2021.