MICE Petís

MICE Petís is the school programme within the Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico organized by the Museo do Pobo Galego. Cinema and creative media are an important axis in society for the training and education of people in socio-cultural development. As MICE is also an event organised by DEAC (the Museum’s Department of Education and Cultural Action), we could not ignore the youngest members of the public.

MICE Petís with the family

MARCH, 26th, 5:00 P.M.

Screening program with the family in the Museum for children and adults, in collaboration with the producer and teacher Severiano Casalderrey.

Severiano Casalderrey is a teacher, essay writer, critic, and cinema curator. In the literary field, he is the author of four publications on cinema and short films. He was awarded the VI María Luz Morales Awards (2022), in addition to a secondary award in the previous edition. He is a regular contributor to the magazine “Tempos Novos”, writing reports on film festivals. He is a member of the Cinema Academy and the Audiovisual Galician Academy. He has worked as a cinema curator for more than fifteen years. Throughout his career, he was the director of the Animation Film Festival ANIRMAU (2010-13), and he also was part of the programme team of the FICBUEU (2012-13), being the deputy director in recent years, between 2019 and 2023. He is currently working on the Animation Film Festival IMAXINARIA, on the Contemporary Film Festival INTERSECCIÓN, and other projects by the producer Abella Producións of Vigo, including Cinema Miúdo, the Children Film Festival (Ames.) 

There will be two selections of short films: a first one from 3 to 6 years old and another one from 7 to 10 years old. Both proposals will be concurrently screened at the Museum of the Galician People so that children of the same family with different ages can go together, but each kid can go to the most appropriate screening. Both programs are presented and moderated by the MICE didactic staff.

From 3 to 6 years old

Tickets: Vivetix and the day of the projection from an hour before in the reception of the Museo.

These pieces are Chinese animated films gems that deal with stories and universal values. These short films have no dialogs and are perfect for 2 to 6 years old children.


Leandro Martínez

Argentina, 2023

4 min. Without dialogue

Old stories tell of a Desert Guardian called Ahru, a secret master that can take on the form of many animals. Anyone brave enough to confront him will learn the secrets of his Art. But first she will need to hunt him down.


Marion Jamault

France, 2022

9 min. French. OVSE

A garden full of mystery, raindrops forming an ephemeral community, a fun and colourful oasis in which two different beings help each other… Cinema is sometimes there to remind us that all around us there are many reasons to wonder and dream. Finally, let us not forget that in nature there is something that is worth more than gold, oil and diamonds: the seed of life.


Hu Jinquing

China, 1983

10 min. Without dialogue

It illustrates a fierce battle, on one side to eat and on the other not to be eaten. 


Hu Jinquing

China, 1988

5 min. Without dialogue

The works, signed by Hu between the 1960s and the 1980s, mix fables and proverbs with the Chinese pictorial heritage with a spectacular result that serves to illustrate a traditional way of life and, at the same time, the love for nature and, especially, for animals.

From 7 to 10 years old

Tickets: Vivetix and the day of the projection from an hour before in the reception of the Museo.


Xiaowen Wang

USA / China, 2022

13 min. Without dialogue 

A little girl returns to her hometown in Tibet, where a team of doctors treat the medical condition she has had since birth. Recuperating at her grandfather’s house, she makes a new and special friend. 

Andrés Castillo, Diego Castillo

Colombia, 2022.

15 min. Spanish (Aborigen). OVSE

One day, while collecting jagua fruits, a young Embera Katío girl, Chidima, is lured by a glowing, mystical toad into the forbidden zone of a hydroelectric power plant that put her village in danger, where she accidentally discovers a sacred cave. Frightened, she runs away and tells her grandfather what she saw, unexpectedly bringing a new hope for her people.

Ibrahim Handal

Palestine, 2023

11 min. Arabic. OVSE

Four kids from the refugee camp in Bethlehem decide to visit the sea for the first time in their life.


DE ORIENTE A OCCIDENTE: A selection of short filmsproduced by the filmmaker Marcos Nine to watch online at home. The pieces from several nationalities represent different cultural traditions.

For children from 2 to 6 years old. The entire collection is suitable for children and adults, but in each film we indicate the minimum recommended age.

From 2 years OLD ON:

The filmmakers Te Wei, Qian Jianjun, and Hu Jinqing created between the 60’s and the 80’s works that mix fables and proverbs with Chinese pictorial heritage. The result is spectacular, and it illustrates a traditional lifestyle and at the same time, the love for nature, especially for animals. We have selected three titles with the hallmark of these artists.

  • XIAO KE DOU ZHAO MA MA [‘Where is Mama?’], Te Wei, 1960 (age 2 and up). OV. It tells the story of a group of tadpoles that, after being born in a lagoon, get to know all the animals that inhabit it, trying to find out who their mother is. Even though it is in Chinese, it is easy to understand.
  • MU DI [‘The Cowboy’s Flute’], Te Wei, co-directed with Qian Jianjun, 1963 (age 2 and up). OV. The young main character is capable of communicate with animals thanks to the sound of his flute. No dialogues.
  • YU BANG XIANG ZHENG  [‘The Fight between the Heron and the Clam’], Hu Jinquing, 1983 (age 2 and up). It illustrates a fierce battle for eating and for not being eaten. No dialogues.
From 3 years OLD ON:

As it happened in the East, fables and classic tales were the source of cinema. One of the animation cinema pioneers is the German Lotte Reiniger, who adapted a great part of her first works to the Brothers Grimm or Charles Perrault’s tales. Her chosen film dates before the birth of films with sound and thus it has no dialogues.

  • KALIPH STORK [‘The Caliph Stork’], Lotte Reiniger, one of the pioneers of animated film, 1929 (age 3 and up).
From 5 years OLD ON:

In 1995 the Russian filmmaker Valeriy Ugarov was requested to direct one episode of the BBC series “Operavox”, in which some of the most important operas in history were adapted, in a reduced format and with traditional animation in an attempt to bring opera to children’s audiences. Ugarov had to adapt Mozart’s work.

  • THE MAGIC FLUTE, Valeriy Ugarov, 1995 (age 5 and up). OV. It is in English, but that is no problem to enjoy 30 minutes of a nice opera and a carefully designed animation.
From 6 years OLD ON:
  • LES TROIS INVENTEURS [The Three Inventors], Michel Ocelot, 1980 (age 6 and up). A fable that invites us to think about how, on occasions, all powers, from the people’s to the government’s, oppose progress when they can’t understand it. Original version subtitled in Spanish.

MICE Petís in schools

Following the MICE’s strategy of collaborating with other Galician and foreign film festivals when designing the program, this year we are working together with FICBUEU, the International Short Film Festival of Bueu, that has been working for years in schools and organizing the Galician Schools Gala, with finalist works of Special Education, Pre-school, Primary and Secondary School.

The public attending the MICE will be able to watch a selection of pieces of the MiniFIC that address ethnographic heritage, gender equality or environmental values. The screenings will take place on the schools centres from March 18th to 22nd.


  • O roubo da Mona Lisa. CEIP Purilingüe San Marcos – 6 min
  • Carolina e o corvo de as brancas. CEIP do Hío – 7 min
  • Dona Landra no Río Revolto. CEIP Pluriligüe A Pedra – 4 min
  • A coroa da raíña. CEIP Purilingüe San Marcos – 6 min
  • Maruxa e Pepiño. CEIP Pluriligüe Guillarei – 5 min
  • Héroes Enmascarados. CEIP do Carballal – 3 min


  • Non estás soa. Non cales. Non te peches. Non es a culpábel. IES Salvaterra do Miño – 2 min
  • Mundo ao revés. CPI Alcalde Xosé Pitchel – 5 min
  • Vida Furtiva. IES Terra de Trasancos – 14 min
  • Cores. IES as Barxas – 3 min
  • Migrando. IES Praia Barraña – 2 min
  • Non tes prezo. CPI Eusebio Lorenzo Baleirón – 5 min
  • Error 404. Girl Not Foud. IES Politécnico de Vigo – 7 min