Award-winning films in 18 MICE

It is a proposal to take MICE beyond the space and time of the event, which allows the online viewing of films that have passed through the previous edition of MICE. The works that can be seen from March 20 to 26 through the website are:

Fotograma Al otro lado del mar


Best Galician Film 18 MICE 

Eloy Domínguez Serén, Samuel Moreno Álvarez

Galicia / Colombia, 2022

90 min. VOS

An exchange of film letters through which the directors share glimpses of their life and work with each other. Their purpose? Invite one another to peep into what they were seeing at each end of the Atlantic ocean. The result? A documentary made of six spontaneously shot film letters and an epilogue. 


Award AGANTRO for anthropological excellence in 18 MICE 

Vladimir Krivov

Russia, 2022

61 min

The “Detached” is a monologue of one Chukchi man and of the whole ethnic group at the same time. It’s a story of their life, Motherland, and also of the things that cause the Chukchi to break away from their roots. This film is a possible projection of our future, as by choosing the blessings of civilization, we risk losing ourselves. Is there a way to get out of the “blizzard”? It seems that the Chukchi know the answer…

Fotograma Malgrat


Audience Award 18 MICE

Santi Teijelo

Galicia, 2023

16 min. VO

Malgrat is a documentary project that reflects upon the capacity of spaces to shelter memories. Through images of the past recorded with the family’s video camera, images of the present and the confrontation of both, is composed the story of Iago and Javi, who make a trip to say goodbye to the family’s house, after the recent passing of their grandmother.