Closing & Award Ceremony


The award-giving ceremony will be held on April, 2 at 8:30 pm at the facilities of Museo do Pobo Galego.

MICE 2022’s closing and award-giving ceremony will include a live show by the band TRALO-VALO.

Tralo-Valo is a band that brings together musician Carme da Pontragha and hurdy-gurdyist Ariel Ninas. They perform musical pieces rooted in Galicia’s oral tradition disseminated by local cantareiras. On this occasion, they will bring to the audience a number of compositions collected by Danish anthropologist Gustav Henningsen during his stay in Galicia in the period 1964-1968. This heritage-based music, preserved throughout generations, is brought back to life and flourishing with Galicia’s powerful oral genres: muiñeiras, pateados, romances, cancións de andar o camiño, alalás, agarrados… Over the traditional basso continuo called bordón, different repetitive and mesmerizing melodic tunes, intertwined with ancient rhythms, captivate the ear.