MICEscola is a MICE’s educational project focused on bringing ethnographic cinema to schools. It is an experience that brings together students, teachers and professionals from the audiovisual sector. Its purpose is to provide young people with technical and narrative tools so that they can tell their point of view about the world through short films created with easy-to-access and easy-to-use devices.

MICEscola 2023
Participants in the first edition of MICEscola at the 18th MICE

The program, which targets secondary school students from 14 to 18 years old, will be developed by the Museum of Galician People’s DEAC in collaboration with the young Galician filmmakers Coral Piñeiro and Bruno Arias, and with the participation of four Galician high schools.

The filmmakers Cora and Bruno organised three sessions for each centre, where they managed to show the students the different aspects of the creative process: the choice of a topic, the ideation of a story, the writing of a script, the elaboration of a directing proposal, the filming, the editing and the many doubts, difficulties and possibilities each and every one of these processes hide.

The resulting short films will be screened at the Museum of Galician People as part of the extended schedule for the 19 MICE.