Do not lean on door

Do not lean on door [work in progress]

42 minutos / 2021 / Galicia 
Artist: Vicente Vázquez

Tickets: Vivetix.

This medium-length film consists of images recorded with the director’s mobile phone on the world’s largest passenger supply network, the New York City Subway. Specifically, these images were recorded the week of ‘Black Friday’, inside the carriages of lines 7 and 5. 

In this session, the artist Vicente Vázquez will hold an audiovisual dialogue between the first cut of the film and the amount of heterogeneous materials (videos, photographs, texts…) that he is juggling for the final creation. The director will talk and contextualize this work, at the same time, which is based on discards of images and audios that is being done together with the artist Miguel Prado Casanova.

Vicente Vázquez. Trained as a visual artist, Vicente Vázquez has been working since 2001 in collaboration with other people and individually under various guises. His work is related to the field of visual arts, film, contemporary dance and performance. In 2013, as an expansion of his collaborative work, together with Usue Arrieta, Marc Vives and Ainara Elgoibar (later joined by Nader Koochaki) launched Tractora Coop., A Bizkaia-based artists’ cooperative that was set up to formalize and support its members artistic projects, as well as to produce other third parties with whom the members of the cooperative share interests, affections and concerns. In November 2016, the Anthology Film Archive scheduled a session of audiovisual works by the director and Useu Arrieta, co-produced by Tractora. In 2018, Tractora launched its own publishing unit, zko, with the purpose of unearthing and distributing works that are developed between art and other branches of knowledge. Meanwhile, with the creation of the publishing house, a period of documentation about the life and work of New Zealand artist Darcy Lange begins, research that would later form part of the exhibition Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange in Tabakalera, the international centre of contemporary culture of Donosti. In January 2020, his exhibition  De lo cierto a lo pintado was inaugurated at the Galería Nordés in Santiago de Compostela.

*Panorama a escala da cidade de N.Y. Queens Museum, Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Material de traballo Do not lean on door.