Exhibition and performance

Cómo reparar una grieta

Marta Valverde

For this 18th edition of the festival, the Museum of the Galician People will host a selection of Marta Valverde’s work. Her proposal is a multidisciplinary exploration where she combines different supports (video, photography, and performance).

From March 17 to March 31.

The exhibited works will be complemented by a live performance by the artist that will take place on Friday, March 17.


  • From Tuesday to Saturday: 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Born in Nigrán in 1994, Valverde developed her audiovisual and photographic works with an accent on experimentation and combining different channels and supports.  The main topics she has delved into as an artist are: intimacy, memory, and autobiographical explorations. Her filmography includes works like Resiliencia (2016), El tiempo suspendido (2017), and 1 de 80000 (2019). She has also worked as a VJ for performances and theatre shows (such as Mercaderes de Babel, directed by Carlos Aladro, 2019), as an assistant editor (for films like María y los demás by Nely Reguera, 2016, and Gallo by Antonio Díaz Huerta, 2018), and as an assistant director (Sendeiro, Lucía Estévez, 2018) and Ursúas, Roi Fernández, 2019).