Opening session


wednesday, march 20 at 8 pm. teatro principal

MICE’s 19th edition will dedicate its opening session to the legacy of Swiss ethnomusicologist Dorothé Schubarth.

She passed away in September 2023. Her researches on European folk repertoires brought her to Galicia. In the late 70’s and during the 80’s she travelled around our country to collect songs, music and dances, always with scientific criteria and taking into account the informers’ perspective. Much of that popular music was created and performed by women who remained anonymous in the “collective” until Dorothé arrived and gave their names to each of the compositions. The result of that work was the monumental Cancioneiro Popular Galego—Popular Galician Songbook—, which became an essential work for the knowledge of our heritage, with more than 5000 pieces collected throughout our geography. The work, made in collaboration with Antón Santamarina, was edited since 1984 in seven volumes by the Barrié Foundation. At present, these recordings and the accompanying materials are kept in the Arquivo do Patrimonio Oral da Identidade (APOI) do Museo do Pobo Galego—Archive of the Oral Heritage of the Identity of the Museum of the Galician People.

Dorothe Schubarth

From the International Ethnographic Film Festival we wanted to create a unique event where image and music are at the same level. It is a tribute to Schubarth’s legacy, to that audiovisual anthropology work that is the theoretical framework of MICE.

For that purpose, we have the musician Richi Casás. The recordings Dorothé Schubart collected in her grandmother Rosa’s house were the starting point of Casás’ artistic commitment. With that heritage, the saxophonist built a new musical proposal where tambourines, jazz and Latin rhythms converge. Together with him, Frank Barcia, Tania Caamaño and Antía Ameixeiras will be in chargeof a live musical performance which will be synchronized with the visual staging made by Laura Piñeiro and Fran Rodríguez Casal, very new filmmakerswho belong to Asociación Memoria e Cinema (Memory and Cinema Association).