Thursday, 25th March at 4.30 pm at the Museo do Pobo Galego
Meeting ONS SOA

Conversation between the curator of the exhibition, Paula Ballesteros-Arias, and other people related to Ons Island from cinema, literature and environmental education points of view. 

7.30 p.m. film screening Ons, de Alfonso Zarauza. Museo do Pobo.

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MEETINGS MICE – What it means to recite with Luz Pichel, O Leo and Celso Fernández Sanmartín 

Saturday, April 10 at 12.00 pm

This recital connects with the theme of ‘Traces’, the section programmed in collaboration with Cineclube de Compostela, which in this edition revolves around language, and more specifically, the situations in which, for one reason or another –class, gender, national feeling, family…– it becomes more obvious that it does not mean the same to speak in one way as another. This recital will bring together in the Librería Chan da Pólvora Luz Pichel, O Leo and Celso F. Sanmartín, poets who in their works and from very different perspectives make use of ‘non-regulated’ forms of language and who compose their poems with speech as a form of linguistic subversion.  Through their poems, and also through their reflections, participants will provide ideas around the meaning of their choices and the construction of their own poetic speech. 

Luz Pichel. Born in Alén (Pontevedra) in 1947. Philologist, professor of Spanish Language and Literature, and poet. She is the author of books such as Casa Pechada, Cativa en su Lughar, Tra(n)shumancias and CO CO CO U, a book of poems written in the dialectal variant of her village. 

O Leo. Born in Matamá (Vigo) in 1974. He is a singer-songwriter, philologist and poet. In 2007 he published his book of poetry Hai cu (Xerais) based on the contents of his blog of the same name. In the same year he presented the work with a ‘Multimedia Show’, where the poems were interspersed with humorous monologues. In addition to his solo music project, he was part of groups such as Labregos do Tempo dos Sputniks and Das Kapital.

 Celso Fernández Sanmartín. Born in the A Cacharela neighbourhood of Lalín in 1969. He studied the Degree in Philosophy in Santiago de Compostela and participates in various associations such as the Foro Para Cultivos Culturais. He is a poet and collector and narrator of tales and life stories of oral tradition. His latest book, A Cama do Meu Avó Manuel Sanmartín Méndez was published in 2018 by Apiario.

Venres 9 de abril ás 16h30 no Museo do Pobo Galego

Mesa Proxecta. Cooordinadora galega de festivais de cinema e CREA

Meeting Proxecta. Cooordinadora galega de festivais de cinema and CREA about the communication of audiovisual events.