Lindes online


Diana Gonçalves

Galicia / Portugal, 2017

30 min. OVSTSP

Palmira is the encounter between a centenarian woman and a documentary apprentice who, over the years and for a few days, are reunited to build their portrait. Which portrait? Palmira’s or the documentalist? Inadvertently, both. Life passes by slowly, repetitively. A tired but resistant body. On the other side of the camera, an attempt to find that fleeting moment that reveals to us something more from life. From observation to construction with the character itself. Palmira is the portrait of several encounters as well as the testimony of the process and evolution of that portrait.


Iván Castiñeiras

Galicia / Portugal, 2012

29 min. OVSTSP

During twenty years, Pepe and Fernando used to work together. When the border disappeared, they stopped seeing each other. It’s winter in Tras-os-montes, memories come up and the landscape seems the same as it was.

Fotograma de Trajectory Drift, de Iván Castiñeiras


Iván Castiñeiras

France, 2018

24 min. OVSTSP

In a container, between the boxes of goods, two men tell their exile. Their narratives and their infinite passages of the borders join in a common dream: reach England.


Iván Castiñeiras

Brazil / France, 2015

32 min. OVSTSP

Two men look for their space inside the forest. Stevenson remembers the memory of his discoveries and researches, Deolindo tries to keep his ancestral kind of life. In the middle of this way, comes the transformation of a territory that changes in every instant; where present and past get confused. Which are the secrets of the jungle? Where are her borders?


Vittorio De Seta

Italy, 1954

11 min. OVSGAL

A wonderful anthropological documentary in which De Seta managed to document the swordfish fishery in its entirety. Unfortunately, this type of fishery disappeared in 1956.


Manuel Mozos

Portugal, 2009

60 min. OV

Fragments of spaces and times, times and places where just inhabit memories and ghosts. Traces of things all the time, the elements, the nature, and the human action itself changed and modified. With all the time it ceases to be, eventually becoming something else. Places that no longer make sense, to be needed, to be in fashion. Forgotten places, obsolete, inhospitable, empty. It doesn’t matter here explaining why they were created and existed, nor the reasons why if abandoned or have been transformed. Only if it promotes an idea, perhaps poetic about something that was and is part of the story (s) in this country.


Aliona van der Horst and
Maasja Ooms

The Netherlands, 2006

90 min. OV

A film about the powerful earthquake that struck the ancient city of Bam in southeastern Iran on December 26, 2003, killed over 43,000 people. Voices of Bam offers a completely different portrayal of disaster-one far more sensitive than mere reportage-as it accords its subjects enormous dignity while giving them an opportunity to express themselves with a rare, simple eloquence.