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anversos e reversos

This year, the training and debate section on the viewpoint and representation in ethnographic cinema includes the workshop given by the anthropologist and photographer Jorge Moreno Andrés and the anthropologist and filmmaker Adriana Vila.

There are 12 hours of specialised training under the title Anversos e reversos: Metodoloxía Etnográfica dos Procesos Creativos (Ethnological Methodology in the Creative Processes). If anthropology helps us to explore reality and give it meaning, art allows us to imagine worlds through its particular explorations. Using the passion for ethnography and the precision of poetry is what unites both disciplines in this work with the intention of travelling through the creative projects in which the participants are involved, whether they are from the world of cinema or photography, literature, theatre, dance or music. In an immersive seminar format, Adriana Vila Guevara and Jorge Moreno Andrés will guide the creation of a dialogue as if it were a bridge, to the place where intersections are observed, heard and allowed to happen. These intersections are interpreted from the ethnographic and artistic standpoints. A course that opens up a space for discussion, reflection and speculation about anthropological tools, possible methods, paths, questions, symbols, limitations, dreams and desires. 

12 hours of specialised training between Friday 1 April and Saturday 2 April.

The general price is 40 euros with discounts for members of the Museo do Pobo Galego, AGANTRO (Asociación Galega de antropoloxía) and for students and unemployed people. Registration at mice@museodopobo.gal.


coffe crea + proxecta

Professional roundtables will be organised in collaboration with PROXECTA and CREA, thus consolidating collaboration with film and audiovisual professionals in the areas of dissemination events and creation in Galicia. On this occasion, representatives from Coordinadora Galega de Festivais de Cinema, CREA and Pantalla (National Federation of Film Festivals) will talk about the processes of creation of projects for the dissemination of documentary film.

Coffe CREA + PROXECTA. Saturday 2 april at 12h30, Museo do Pobo Galego



This year, Mariana Hristova, who will curate the Impropias section, will give a seminar at the Faculty of Journalism during the celebration of the CO(M)XÉNERO, on her selection for this seventeenth edition of MICE. She was invited as an expert on underrepresented cinema and the cinematography of the Balkans and the East, when a conflict such as the one Europe is currently experiencing was not yet being contemplated. What is certain is that, given the circumstances, she is a person with a perspective that, in this period, and through cinema, can be doubly interesting.

Session with Mariana Hristova. Thursday 31 march at 16h at the Facultady of Journalism. More information and registrations at Grupo de Estudos Audiovisuais and in the form.