Special session

Os espazos en branco

thursday, march 21, at 6:00 pm. SALÓN TEATRO

MICE organizes a special session between the parallel activities. It is the screening of Os espazos en branco by the very new filmmaker Bruno Arias.

The film is an approach of Bruno to his aunt Xela Arias, who passed away when he was a child. However, it is not an approach to Xela’s artistic part, but the intimate and familiar one, where other people share the emptiness of the director’s memories. In this approach, apart from the family, it emerges the public, the figure of the poet and the time where she lived. A period influenced by politics, in a Galicia with an urban context which preserves the memory of the village, living the Transition while deep democratic, economic, social and cultural transitions occurred.

This is Arias debut, who belong to the Memory and Cinema Association. He also coordinates together with Coral Piñeiro the didactic program MICEscola, in which they guide several groups of students from Galician high schools in the creative and technical process of filmmaking.

Os espazos en branco_Xela Arias

Bruno Arias

2023, Galicia

89 min. O.V

How can you love someone you don’t know? What part of who we are comes from images we don’t have? How much of a person is there in the memories that remain about them? Universal questions that describe an internal conflict, a contradiction, a wound to be healed through the tool that best explores human feelings: cinema.