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Best Film 16 MICE

2020 | 60’ | Finland

Elina Talvensaari

Sirkka-Liisa died alone with no one left to miss her. Elina happened to buy her home after her death and ended up with all Sirkka-Liisa’s possessions from books to photos. What would happen If Elina threw all her things away?


Audience Award 15 MICE

2019 | 30’ | Galicia

Santiago Teijelo Vázquez

In her humble kitchen, Carmen tells us stories about her culture and society permeated by customs, folklore and superstitions. Meanwhile, the rest of the family continues with the slaughter of the pig, a tradition destined to disappear, which has been the backbone of rural society in Galicia until the beginning of the 21st century.


Best Galician Film 16 MICE

2020 | 27’ | Galicia

Santiago D. Risco

The director of this film and his family inherit a piece of land that they do not even know where it is, because it is absurdly small and is lost in the middle of the mountain. Together with his father he tries to locate it to see if it has any value. However, the task turns out to be more complicated than expected, and little by little it also begins to lose its original meaning.


Agantro Award 15 MICE

2019 | 71′ | France

Boris Svartzman

In 2008, local authorities evict 2,000 villagers from Guanzhou, a river island in Southern China to make way for new urban planning projects. In spite of the demolition of their houses and police pressure, a handful of inhabitants return to the island. For seven years, Boris filmed their battle to save their ancestral land, from the ruins of the village where nature is slowly reasserting itself, to the worksites of the mega city which inexorably advances towards them. Will they share the same fate of five billions of Chinese peasants expropriated yearly?


Special mention of jury 15 MICE

2018 | 19′ | South Africa – Zimbabwe

Roger Horn

Research / Souvenir (Dialogues), utilizes found Super 8mm footage from Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and audio from ethnographic research gathered among Zimbabwean migrant women in Cape Town, South Africa. Part 1, Research, reveals the personal thoughts and challenges faced by researcher/filmmaker Horn in the field. Part 2, Souvenir (Dialogues), offers the research participants an opportunity to question Horn about his choice of souvenirs from the field, providing the political and economic backdrop to the ongoing exodus of Zimbabweans and leads up to the removal of long standing President Robert Mugabe on November 21, 2017.