March 23rd, 2024.- A total of 13 films, four of them from Galicia, will compete for MICE Award for Best Film on Sunday. The awards ceremony will take place at 12.30 pm in the Auditorio of the Museum of Galician People, hosted by the actress and creator Carlota Mosquera.

The jury of this nineteenth edition is composed by Catherine Barbour, Head of the Hispanic Studies Department in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; Adriana Páramo, filmmaker and founder of the Galician Film Forum in London; and Eloy Domínguez Serén, filmmaker and teacher. They will also hand the MICE Award for Best Galician Film. Besides, all the films in the competition section in this MICE 19th edition will aim for AGANTRO Award for Anthropology Excellence. This award will be chosen by the jury composed by Iria Vázquez Silva, Víctor Villar Caamaño, and Iñigo Sánchez-Fuarros, members of the Galician Association of Anthropology. The awards selection will be completed with CREA Award, awarded by the Galician Association of Filmmaking and Directing Professionals; and the Audience Award.

Leaving aside the competition, on Sunday at 11 am, Lindes second session with Iván Castiñeiras will be held at the Museum. The filmmaker will share with the audience his creative process, starting from his work in progress Deuses de pedra and other previous projects, such as the interactive audiovisual installation Chemin battus and the short film Ou est la jungle, Trajectory Drift andA Raia. These films address geopolitical issues, borders and territoriality, in line with this 19th MICE theme, focused on the ethnographic approach to politics.

Frame from Trajectory Drift, by Iván Castiñeiras

Impropias last session will take place in the afternoon, with Cecilia Mangini Focus by Carolina Astudillo. From 6 pm onwards, Un paseo por New York Harbour, by the Chilean director; and Due scatole dimenticate. Un viaggio in Vietnam, by Cecilia Mangini and Paolo Pisanelli will be screened in NUMAX.