March 23nd, 2024.– Diana Gonçalves brings to MICE on Saturday her work in progress Transfronteiriza, an installation based on the documentation gathered for previous audiovisual projects and creations by the author. This exhibition proposal has the support of MICE Museum of Galician People, and Melgaço Municipal Chamber (Portugal), as well as the collaboration of other entities and administrations from both countries. It will take place at 5 pm in the Auditorio of the Museum, in the framework of Lindes section, which gets an educational approach in this 19th MICE edition. On Sunday, it will be Iván Castiñeiras time, who will introduce his ongoing project Deuses de pedra. Both of them will share their creative processes with the audience.

Also on Saturday, from 6 pm in NUMAX, the Impropias second session will take place, with Cecilia Mangini focus hosted by Carolina Astudillo. The films Ignoti alla città, La canta delle marane and Felice Natale, by the Italian documentary pioneer will be screened. In addition, MICE will host the first release of Postal, a journey through some of the Chilean filmmaker works that explore the relationship between statements, spaces and time.

Postal, by Carolina Astudillo

The screenings of the films competing in the official section will start on Saturday at 5 pm in the South Wing of the Museum of Galician People, with Life and death in Xikun, by Jiandong Huang. From 8 pm onwards, the Teatro Principal will host the screenings of two films competing in the Galicia section: the Galician first release of the short film 12 de maio de 1937, by Mar Caldas; and Lavadoiro, by Ana Amado e Lois Patiño, with specific subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Then, at 10 pm, it will be the time of El signo vacío, a film by Kathryn Ramey, which will be first screened in Galicia in the 19th MICE.