Sunday, March 19, 2023

Today at 12:30 am, the auditorium of the Museum of Galician People will host the award-giving ceremony of MICE – International Ethnographic Film Festiva’s 18th edition. The ceremony will be hosted by the actor, musician, and playwright Sergio Llauger. 

At 6:00 pm at Numax, MICE’s non-competitive section Lindes, coordinated in collaboration with this year’s guest festival MDOC, will offer the screening of Four Seasons in a Day, a Belgian-Lithuanian documentary directed by Annabel Verbeke that explores the notion of identity in a community divided by two borders: a physical one (the magnificent glacial fjord that separates Ireland from the United Kingdom) and a mental one –two different points of view on borders and their meaning that seem to be irreconcilable.

Fotograma Four Seasons in a Day
Four Seasons in a Day.

Sunday marks the closure of the festival’s on-site screenings, but the MICE’s program still has much to offer. March 20 and 21 will be devoted to workshops and training activities. Belén Sola and Chus Domínguez from LAAV will deliver the workshop Who owns the story? Collaborative audiovisual practices and audiovisual anthropology. In addition, on Tuesday at 7:30 pm, the auditorium of the Museum will host a live presentation by the association Asociación Memoria e Cinema

Cómo reparar una grieta

Until March 30, a selection of MICE’s films will be available and open to watch online as part of MICE’s program MICE en liña. March 31 will be the last day to enjoy, in the South Wing of the Museum, Cómo reparar una grieta, an exhibition of artist Marta Valverde’s personal exploration of the notion of rururbanity. On that day, the Museum will also host the screening of the pieces created as part of MICE’s MICE Petís initiative –a program developed by DEAC (the Museum’s department for educational and cultural activities) in collaboration with emerging filmmaker and teacher Bruno Arias, who tutored students from three Galician high schools and one sociocultural center (Aurelio Aguirre in Conxo), introducing them to the basics of film creation. MICE Petís’ online selection will be accessible until the end of the school year, allowing schools and other educational centers to schedule their own screenings in the classroom (registrations open at