Workshops and educational activities at MICE

Ollares Intencionados and MICE Petís: the educational program of the Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico Museo do Pobo Galego.

MICE Petís 2022: programming for primary and secondary schools and Socio-Cultural centers.

School program

Cinema and creative media are an important axis in society from the training and education of people in socio-cultural development. Since MICE is an event created by the Museum’s DEAC (Department of Education and Cultural Action), we could not forget the youngest members of society. With our strategy of collaboration with other Galician and foreign festivals, also for school programming, this year we have Olloboi as a guest festival. This is an audiovisual event of short films made in schools organized since 2009 by a non-profit association based in Boiro.

Aimed at all educational levels, it is especially popular among pre-adolescents, which is of great interest to us in the creation of new audiences. The proposal is a selection of short films made in this festival in recent years constituting a program in person with morning sessions and a digital proposal that extends until the end of the course and that can be programmed by the teaching staff of the centers themselves. In connection with this collaboration, we will screen out of competition, specifically in the opening session, the documentary that tells the story of this festival: Cadernas de Olloboi.

Proposal for children and adults to work together in the habit of watching movies. With the selection of Olloboi’s short films, a program will be developed during the weekend in the Sociocultural Centers of Conxo and O Castiñeiriño in Santiago de Compostela.

The MICE offers in this 17th edition face-to-face and virtual sessions, both free of charge.

PRESENT SESSIONS – During the week of March 28th to April 1st we will have morning sessions at the Museum to watch these short films.

1st session: at 11h

2nd session: at 12:30 pm.

ONLINE SESSIONS – From March 28 until the end of the course, this proposal will be materialized by facilitating and sharing the short films through a link. In this way, teachers will be able to program the MICE Petís in their own centers.




Youth program

Proposal for youngs and adults to work together in the habit of watching movies. With the selection of Olloboi’s short films, a program will be developed during the weekend in the following Socio-cultural centers of Santiago de Compostela:

Centro Sociocultural Aurelio Aguirre de Conxo

Friday April 1st at 20h. Duration of the projection 50 minutes.

Centro Sociocultural Agustín Bueno do Castiñeiriño

Saturday April 2nd at 18h. Duration of the projection 50 minutes.



Adriana Vila Guevara
Jorge Moreno Andrés


Anversos e reversos: metodoloxía etnográfica dos procesos creativos. The training section on the gaze and representation in ethnographic cinema this year welcomes the workshop given by the anthropologist and photographer Jorge Moreno Andrés, author of El duelo revelado: la vida social de las fotografías familiares de las víctimas del franquismo and the anthropologist and filmmaker Adriana Vila Guevara, director of Belén.

If anthropology helps us to explore reality and make sense of it, art allows us to imagine worlds through its particular explorations. Employing the passion for ethnography and the precision of poetry, is what unites both disciplines in this workshop with the intention of traveling through the creative projects in which the participants are involved, whether they are from the world of film or photography, literature, theater, dance or music. In an immersive seminar format, Adriana Vila Guevara and Jorge Moreno Andrés will guide the creation of a dialogic dimension as if it were a bridge, to the place where intersections are observed, heard and occur. Those that are intuited from the ethnographic and artistic fields. A course that opens a space for discussion, reflection and speculation around anthropological tools, possible methods, paths, questions, symbols, limitations, dreams and desires.

12 hours of specialized training between Friday April 1st and Saturday April 2nd. The general price is 40 euros, with discounts for people associated with MUSEO DO POBO GALEGO, AGANTRO and for students and unemployed people.